A CONCERTO project
About the project in the different countries:

Our vision

Improved housing areas for better living

Sustainable living is not only about technical quality of houses, reduced use of energy and renewable resources. Creating a better future should take into account the need of those living in the houses and make sure that we also helps the daily life. The climate challenges in our three towns are very different, still we have common challenges. The summers in Hungary might be warm and dry, still Szentendre will have winter temperatures coming down below -10 Celcius. Vitoria-Gasteiz have a dry climate and very warm summers but even in Spain you might have snow some years. Sandnes is situated at the part of Norway which normally don't get to cold winters, neither are the summers not to warm.

To make houses that take into account the local climate and at the same time reduces the need of heating og cooling will be the shallenge for all partners. By exchanging experiences, sharing knowledge, developing new technology and using this in smart and economicly reasonable ways we will crate better living areas for the future.