A CONCERTO project
About the project in the different countries:

PIME's Vitoria-Gasteiz

Visesa - Basque Public Housing Corporation- has constructed a new apartment building with 171 social housing units and is refurbishing a 30-unit building block

The Vitoria-Gasteiz CONCERTO project is located in the eastern part of the city, and includes the construction of an apartment building with 171 social housing units in the new Salburua district, and the integral refurbishment of a 30-unit building block in the adjacent neighborhood of Zaramaga, which was developed as a social housing district during the 1960s.

The building with 171 social housing units in Salburua includes design and specification to very high-energy efficiency levels, and the installation of a renewable energy microgrid comprising a 59 kW PV array integrated on the building façade , and two micro-cogeneration units. The microgrid is operated through an innovative control system to optimize the techno-economic performance of the systems and the electricity exchange with grid, minimizing the energy expenditure for the building.

The refurbishment of the 30-unit building block in Zaramaga is also a renovation to highest energy efficiency standards, including high performance insulation and windows, and mechanical heat recovery ventilation. A PV array of 3,6 kW has also been installed , dedicated to self-consumption by the community of owners. The improvement of accessibility to the building, with the installation of lifts, is also a key aspect of this building renovation.

Both buildings have in common the engagement of occupiers or owners in order to explain and make them aware of the CONCERTO initiative and the particular characteristics of the building. They are informed on how to maximize the benefits of the energy efficiency and renewable energy interventions, not only in terms of their quality of life in relation to living in comfortable and efficient buildings, but also regarding the associated economic and environmental benefits.