About PIME'S

PIME'S is a project within the Concerto program, an initiative from the European Commission.

The PIME'S project started up in December 2009 was intended to last for five years but needed an extention year in order to finalise the project. In the Bassque City of Vitoria-Gasteiz in Spain and Szentendre in Hungary the project partners has completed at project of new buildings and retrofittet buildings.

The concortium consisted of 14 partners from Germany, Spain, Hungary and Norway. The partners from Sandnes resigned from the Concerto program in 2014. The lead partner was Rogaland County Council.

14 partners from four countries represented a consortium of scientific knowledge, building experts, solar power, architecture, building associations, public authorities, service providers and municipality representatives.

The main focus for the PIME’S partners has been to deliver innovative, sustainable and solid demonstration project in line with the project name; CONCERTO communities towards optimal thermal and electrical efficiency of buildings and districts, based on MICROGRIDS.

The retrofitting projects and the new buildings are all using front running technology for the various parts. Almost 30 kinds of innovative architect elements and building engineering solutions has been installed at the demonstrations of Szentendre Community, the five most important are the following: hybrid solar cells; heat pump based on treated sewage water; visible PV for shading and seasonal shading with textile or PV; double glazed climate facade, tilted windows, green facades and roofs as different kinds of protection against summer overheating; heat recovery ventilation. The new Salburua building in Vitoria also has innovative features including CHP, heat recovery ventilation, very high insulation levels and an innovative design with integration of PV in facade, and is a landmark project which was selected as one of the most sustainable building promotions in 2012 by the prestigious Endesa Awards.  Zaramaga project is also attracting large media attention as an example of an energy efficient building refurbishment.

The PIME’S project believes that we have delivered a project that strongly supports the core idea of The Concerto Program. When demonstrating advanced and innovative methods in retrofitting old buildings and new ideas in the two new buildings in the project, PIME’S are able to look back on a successful project that most likely will contribute to better living environment and improved health for the users of offices and homes.

The socio economic studies carried out by IRIS in cooperation with local partners in Szentendre and Vitoria-Gasteiz show that the actions taken has been well received by the tenants and house owners. Almost all of the respondents in both Szentendre and Vitoria-Gasteiz have become satisfied with the condition of their building while hardly any were satisfied before the retrofitting. This causes the tenants to be more positive when responding related to indoor climate, living conditions and health parameters. Half of the neighboring households in Vitoria-Gasteiz and one third in Szentendre have become more positive towards retrofitting their own building. The households which moved in to the new building in Vitoria-Gasteiz are in general very satisfied with their new home.